Fuck you thats my name (sweetness619) wrote in beauty_uncommon,
Fuck you thats my name


Hello! I'm Danielle and I'm made this :)

The following 10 members are automaticly stampped as soon as they post because I know they rock and we need voters!

lemonsplash I want you to mod and maintain
planetsara I want you to mod too
brazenfaced I want you to mod as well
lizzzer You helped me come up with this so you get to mod and maintian if you want.
agent51 I know you're awesome
wordtowater I know you're awesome too
antibarbierock Rock on hot mama
axeeonn When you get back from Cancun :-Þ
_iheartyou Because you're Val's besfriend and I've seen you and I know you're uncommonly hot!
da_judge1 Because I know you;re nice and love everyone!

If I didn't name don't take it personal... I had my reasons I thought it would be weak to let on more than 10 for free. Just post and I'm sure you'll be cool enought to get in!
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