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to be fair

well here... I made this community so I'm already in but here's my answers and heres my pics... I was NOT accepted into many other rating communities so they might not be that great. I don't think I look as bad as meanies in other communities have said and then after seeing most of them I feel just fine but yeah warning I guess sinse I'm ugly.
San Diego
Because I'm a female drummer who rocks out the double bass in high heels and teaches kids to play the same... except I don't teach the boys to rock out in heels. Wemon drummers who are good are uncommon. I'm also uncommon because I weight 150 and I still look good. It's uncommon for a female to surf, snowboard and wakeboard and I do all those. However snowboarding I'm not all that great at... honesty is uncommon. I used my blinker and in san diego thats real uncommon.
Additional Info:
I love No Use For A Name but don't discriminate against other music. Except I'm not a big fan of Rage, Oasis or The White Stripes. I'm not really into lyrics, they kinda bug me which I think is fairly uncommon also.

Here's a normal when I'm not all trying to be glammed out. I have no shoes on :)

Somewhat glammed out wearing nicer clothes but still no make-up... I'm in the red :)

I'm the butterfly... my sister lemonsplash is the cat, she is an uncommon beauty too. I am wearing make-up in this one and I'm about to laugh.

Short hair

In Hawaii

No one likes this one but I do so pfffft!



Fuck you "youre_jealous" you think I'm fat? Muscle weights more than the fat on you skinny bitches.

How's that for fat? Look at my HUGE stomache just buldging out everywhere.

I'm in the black. To the right of me is lemonsplash

This is pretty recent
*middle finger to assholes... don't even comment if you're going to bash me. I'll ban you, :-P
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