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Gorgeous unlike anyother

Jealousy is a bad word

More Than Words
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There are many beautiful people in the world of LJ but plain beauty ain't gonna cut it. This is a commumity for the uncommonly drop dead gorgeous people. You can post about anything you wat all of up beautiful people to see or give opinion butyou must be a stamped member to post! Post your pic as well as some additional information listed below and then you will be voted yes or no depending on not only your pictures but your additional information questions too.

* Males and Females welcome
* Post as many pics of yourself as you want but please put it behind an lj cut.
* Along with pics answer the following questions...
Whats your name?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
What makes you UNCOMMONLY beautiful?
You can include any other additional info. about yourself too.
* DO NOT post nudes... this community is open to all ages and we don't want to see any kiddy porn.
* As soon as you join please post with-in 24 hours, if you wait longer than that, you could be banned.
* You're allowed to comment on other pictures but you're vote will not count if you are not an accepted member and you will not be allowed to post until you are accpeted with a stamp.

* You're post will be open for voting for 5 days. * All you need are to wow the majority with your looks or your answers and you're in. If 14 poeple say yes and 15 say no then sorry, you're out.
* Vote yes or no based on pictures and answers; please include why you vted yes or no.

* You'll know if you're accpeted by the stamp given to you.
* Please stay active in the community.
* You can post and comment whenever you want but please be polite when voting no. If you create drama you will be banned. We don't care how uncommonly gorgeous you are, if you flame, you're lame, and that ain't our game. :-Þ

Sorry :(
* You can post new pics in 2 weeks and keep trying two weeks after that and two weeks after that if you didn't make those either.
* Don't be grumpy if you didn't make it. There are 863974865 other communities that will accept you :)